Wednesday, January 6, 2010


That Wonderful Urge (1948) comedy. Remake of Love is News (1937) Directer Robert Sinclair Cast:Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney.

Sara Farley, a grocery store heiress, is the subject of newspaper articles published in the New York Chronicle by Thomas Jefferson Tyler. Tom's editor, wants him to write more tabloid stories about the heiress, so he follows her on a skiing trip to Sun Valley with her fiancee Count Andre de Guyon and her aunt. When Sara goes dog sledding with Tom, they have a minor collision with a tree, and end up in the emergency ski cabin. Tom asks her to read a phony, complimentary story he has written about her, Sara feels comfortable in telling him her life story. After Tom leaves, Andre shows the story to Sara. Angry, she tells reporters that she and Tom are married and that she has given him a million dollars. Duffy sees headlines from rival newspapers saying that Tom and Sara are married, he decides to fire Tom. Tom, sends word to all the New York newspapers demanding a retraction. While meeting with Jessica, Tom comes up with an idea about how to prove that he and Sara are not married. When he and Jessica go to apply for a license, the head clerk refuses to issue them one because all the newspapers say that Tom is already married. What follows is classic fun and things spiral out of control...

Will these two crazy people find each other among the newspaper headlines?

This romantic comedy has lots of innuendo. Wonderful performances by the great romantic couple Tyrone Powers and Gene Tierney.
You can watch the film THAT WONDERFUL URGE (1948), on you tube.

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