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Black Widow (1954) mystery/ drama, written, produced and directed by Nunnally Johnson Cast: Van Heflin, Ginger Rogers and Gene Tierney.

June 6th, just before famous actress Iris leaves for her trip to visit her mother, makes her husband Peter Denver a Broadway producer, promise that while she is gone that he attend a cocktail party being held by Carotta Marin, the star of his new show. Gorden and Lottie, live in the same building as the Denvers is hosting the party. Peter does not feel like going, because he really does not care for Lottie. Peter goes to the party where he meets Nancy Ordway, a 20 year old hopeful writer who was not invited. Wanting to leave the party early Peter invites Nancy to dinner and promises her that his intentions are strictly platonic. That night, when Peter talks to Iris on the phone about the party he tells her about having dinner with Nancy. Iris believes that Nancy is only looking for a writing job with Peter .

Three months earlier, Nancy travels to New York and drops in on her uncle Gordon Ling, who has a small part in Peter's play. In a weeks time a Nancy finds a waitress job at Sylvia's Cafe. There, she meets famous artist Claire Amberly and her law student brother, John. Nancy becomes quick friends with Claire moves into her apartment and begins dating John.

In May, Nanny visits the theater where Gordon is working. Where she finds Gordon has left for the day, Nancy meets Brian, who charms her. He informs her that he is married to a famous actress.

Ten days after she met Peter at the cocktail party, Nancy calls him at his office, he takes her on another dinner date. After dinner, Peter and Nancy go to his and Iris's beautiful apartment, where Nancy says that she wants to be a famous writer. Nancy thinking she can work better in such a beautiful apartment, Peter, allows her to work there during the day, while he is at work. Things take a turn for the worse and he finds out Nancy is not as innocent as she appears to be.

Very impressive cast and this film may remind you a little of All About Eve. I'm not really a fan of Heflin but he did ok in this film. It was fun to see Rogers playing the diva wearing the pants in her marriage, but I have to sat she looks fabulous. Tierney, my favorite actress gets a few good scenes. Raft, makes the perfect detective. One of the things that caught my attention was, the witness from the movie theater who later in life became TV producer Aaron Spelling.

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