Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney.

Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney, were thought to be one of the top romantic on screen couples of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Gene Tierney and Tyrone Power filmed 3 movies together: Son of Fury (1942), The Razors Edge (1946), That Wonderful Edge (1948). After divorcing Cassini in 1952, she was romantically involved with Tyrone Power, their love affair began during the filming of, The Razor's Edge(1946). I would have also loved to see them perform together in the film, Leave Her to Heaven (1945).

Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake (1942). Adventure film. Director: John Cromwell. Cast: Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Elsa Lanchester, John Carradine and Roddy Mc Dowell. This period swashbuckler film is based on the adventure novel Benjamin Blake by Edison Marshall, who also wrote The Vikings (1958).

In England, gunsmith Amos Kidder takes care of his grandson, Benjamin Blake, after his parents have both died. Benjamin's uncle, Sir Arthur Blake, inherited title and lands from his brother, demands that he live his life as a servant. The law, forces Benjamin to obey. Ten years have passed and now Benjamin is old enough to free himself from his cruel uncle. Benjamin, who is in love with his cousin Isabel makes her promise to wait for him before he leaves. Unfortunately, Arthur catches them together and he beats Benjamin. Later that night, Benjamin confronts Arthur, who holds a gun on him. Benjamin escapes with his life and stows away aboard the Tropic Star. Benjamin is quickly befriended by Caleb Green, who tells him about a tropical island where they can find pearls. They jump ship and swim to the island. My favorite part of the movie is when, Benjamin and Caleb enjoy their peaceful lives as they collect pearls.

Benjamin, soon falls in love with a native woman, he calls called Eve. The couple live as husband and wife, even though Benjamin is homesick and is still planning on returning home to claim his birthright..

What will he find when he returns to home to England?

SON OF FURY, is a wonderful classic adventure film. One of Tyrone Power's best films. Gene Tierney, was amazing as the native girl. Alfred Newman's score is also a big part of the movie..

The Razor's Edge(1946), First film version of W. Somerset Maugham's 1944 novel. Cast: Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, John Payne, Anne Baxter, Clifton Webb, Herbert Marshall. Director: Edmund Goulding.

The story begins as Maugham a novelist, thinking back to when he first met Larry Darrell. It was during a dinner party at a Chicago country club. Louisa is unhappy about her daughter Isabel engagement to Larry, a man with no future planned for himself. Louisa thinks Gray Maturin, the son of a wealthy stockbroker a much better match. At the party, Maugham also meets Isabel's, childhood friend, Sophie. When Larry arrives Isabel asks him why he turned down a wonderful position with the Maturins. Larry,  tells her that he feels that there is more to life than money. After hearing his story Isabel thinks it best to postpone their wedding.

Months later, Isabel stops by to see Larry in Paris. Shocked.. by Larry's living conditions, Isabel, breaks off their engagement. Isabel then returns to Chicago and marries Gray.

In Paris, Larry is working in the coal mines when he meets Kostis, a priest. When Kostis tells Larry about a saint who lives In India, Larry still looking for life's answers, decides to travel to India to find him. In India, the holy man tells Larry that the road to salvation is as sharp as a, "RAZOR'S EDGE".

In Chicago, Sophie looses her husband and baby in a terrible car accident, leaving Sophie grief stricken.

Larry finished with his studies, travels to the top of the mountain. Some time later, the holy man comes to visit. Larry tells him, that he now believes he is one with God. The holy man agrees that Larry is ready to return to his life.

Years later, Elliott crosses paths with Maugham in a Parisian Shop and Elliott tells him that he has moved to the Rivera and gave up his Paris apartment to Isabel and Gray, who fell on hard times. Larry decides to visit Isabel, who is feeling sorry for herself, even though she is living in luxury.

Later that night, Isabel wants to go to the nightclub on the Rue de Lappe, where they meet a drunk, Sophie. Larry remembers Sophie the way she used to be and wants to help her.. Soon, Larry announces that Sophie, has stopped drinking and they are engaged to be married. Wanting to stop the marriage, Isabel demands Maugham, to come see her and asks him to tell Larry not to marry Sophie. Isabel invites Sophie to the apartment to go shopping for a wedding dress. There, Isabel shows Sophie a picture of her daughter, hoping to bring back the sad memories of her own little girl. Saying she had to run a quick errand, Isabel leaves Sophie alone with a bottle of liquor. Will she be strong enough not to give in to temptation?

Once again Gene Tierney plays the part of a evil jealous woman.

The following year, Tierney co-starred once again with Power, this time as Sara Farley, in the successful comedy. That Wonderful Urge (1948). The Remake of, Love is News (1937). Directer: Robert Sinclair.

Sara Farley, a grocery store heiress, finds herself,  in a newspaper article published in the New York Chronicle, by Thomas Jefferson Tyler. Tom's editor, wants him to write more tabloid stories about the heiress, so he follows her on a skiing trip to Sun Valley, with her fiancee Count Andre de Guyon and her aunt. When Sara goes dog sledding with Tom, they have a minor collision with a tree and end up in the emergency cabin. Tom asks her to read a phony, complimentary story he has written about her, Sara feels comfortable in telling him her life story. After Tom leaves, Andre shows the story to Sara. Angry, she tells reporters that she and Tom are married and that she has given him a million dollars. Duffy sees headlines from rival newspapers saying that Tom and Sara are married, he decides to fire Tom. Tom, sends word to all the New York newspapers demanding a retraction. While meeting with Jessica, Tom comes up with an idea about how to prove that he and Sara are not married. When he and Jessica go to apply for a license, the head clerk refuses to issue them one because all the newspapers say that Tom is already married. What follows next is classic movie fun when things spiral out of control...

This is a cute romantic comedy with lots of innuendo. Wonderful performances by the "great romantic couple," Tyrone Powers and Gene Tierney.


Frl. Irene Palfy said...

I like them both together very much. Great post!

Dawn said...

Frl. Irene Palfy, thank you.

Sarah Godwin said...

I love the two together , especially in THE RAZOR'S EDGE and SON OF FURY. They make a beautiful pair , so romantically perfect together loaded with sex appeal!!!! I wish that we had one couple today who would come even close !!!

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