Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Whirlpool(1949.) Is a thriller/film noir. Director: Otto Preminger and written by Ben Hecht (under the blacklist pseudonym Lester Barstow) and Andrew Solt, adapted from Guy Endore's novel, Methinks the Lady. Cast: Gene Tierney, Richard Conte, José Ferrer, and Charles Bickford. The drama combines psychological thriller with melodrama, as the main character's marriage is in jeopardy.

Ann, is the wealthy and respectable wife of psychiatrist Dr. William Sutton. The film begins as Ann is caught shoplifting a jeweled broach from a high end department store. The police and the store manager want to prosecute, but she gets off the hook with the help of David Korvo, a mysterious hypnotist who helps Ann with her sleeping problems.

Korvo is not what he seems to be. Ann soon finds herself in the middle of blackmail and murder. She is not sure if she committed a crime. Her husband stands by her side and finds away to expose the hypnotist, who he thinks is behind all the trouble.

This is one of my favorite Gene Tierney films. The black and white cinematography and the use of the camera work perfectly for this film. The cast is very good, especially by Jose' Ferrer, Gene Tierney and Charles Bickford. Richard Conte part seemed a little awkward, probably because of the character he plays. Gene has some wonderful scenes to show her talent as an actress. Such as, Gene at the police station, going from her lost of memory, to facing her husband, who thinks her to be an adulteress.

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