Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Bell for Adano(1945)

A Bell for Adano(1945). Director: Henry King. Cast: John Hodiak and Gene Tierney. The film was adapted from the novel A Bell for Adano by John Hersey, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1945.

The story concerns Italian-American U.S. Army Major Joppolo, who is placed in charge of the town of Adano during the invasion of Sicily. The title of the movie refers to Major Joppolo's attempts to replace the 700 year old bell that was taken from the town by the Fascists to be melted down for ammunition. Through his actions, Joppolo also wins the trust and love of the people. The character of Joppolo was based on the real life experiences of Frank Toscani, who was military governor of the town of Licato, Sicily after the Allied invasion.

Late one night, a lonely Joppolo visits Tina and she asks him to find out about the status of her soldier sweetheart, Giorgio. Sensing that the major has fallen in love with her, Tina suggests that his desire for her is fueled by his longing for his wife.

Novel by John Hersey, published in 1944 and awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1945. The story takes place during World War II after the occupation of Sicily by Allied forces. Major Victor Joppolo, an American army officer, is part of the Allied military government ruling the town of Adano. In his attempts to help the town and bring democracy to the people, Joppolowho has trouble with his commanding officer, who has Joppolo transferred because of his failure to follow orders. Joppolo's main concern is to replace a bell that the fascists had melted down to use for ammunition.

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