Friday, February 19, 2010


Gene Tierney was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Howard Sherwood Tierney and Belle Lavina Taylor. She had an older brother and a younger sister. Her father was a insurance broker of Irish descent, her mother a gym teacher. Tierney attended St. Margaret’s School in Waterbury, Connecticut, and the Unquowa School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her first poem, entitled “Night,” was published in the school magazine, and writing verse became one of her favorite pastimes. She spent two years in Europe and attended the Brillantmont finishing school in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she learned to speak fluent French.


Paul 2 said...

Dawn , Did you know that when Gene was a young Broadway star she was the first choice in 1939 to play Velvet Brown in National Velvet?

Dawn said...

Paul, I remember, now that you mention it. Thank you, for helping me with the Fun Facts.

J Dustin said...

anyone know where in brooklyn she lived as a child?