Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Rings on Her Fingers (1942) comedy. Cast: Henry Fonda,Gene Tierney, Spring Byington and Laird Cregar.

Susan Miller wishes for a luxurious life full of wonderful people. Everything changes for Susie's when she meets Mrs. Maybelle Worthington and Warren, two con artiest who use girls to rob wealthy men. Maybelle and Warren convince Susie to work for them. The three start looking for prospects, with Susie playing the part as Linda Worthington, Maybelle's daughter. They make a good living off rich men who become interested in Susie, until one day, on Santa Catalina Island, they meet John Wheeler, who is looking to buy a yacht. Susie and Maybelle, also pretend to be interested in the yacht , which they allow John to buy instead. John, does not know that the man he buys the boat from is not the real owner, but Warren.

Susie, Maybelle and Warren decide to move quickly to Connecticut, where they move in with wealthy Tod Fenwick and his parents. Tod is in love with Susie, and Maybelle and Warren plan on profiting from their marriage. They are surprised to see John, who is their accountant. Susie and John, fall in love and decide to marry, and even though Maybelle's says that she cannot quit so easily, Susie leaves with John. Wanting to return John's money without him knowing. Susie gives $15,000 to a casino owner friend, who arranges for John to win the money while gambling.

Will John ever figure out who robbed him out of his life savings?

Henry Fonda, is wonderful in this film, playing the likeable, everyday guy. Opposite him, Gene Tierney looks absolutely beautiful. Spring Byington and Laird Cregar are wonderful playing the villians.

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