Monday, October 19, 2009

SUNDOWN (1941)

SUNDOWN (1941), This film dedicated to the men who fought in World War II. George Sanders strictly by the book British officer who arrives to take over Bruce Cabot's desert outpost. Gene Tierney plays half Arab and half English woman who runs an international trading network . I enjoyed the great action scenes with Tierney and Sanders fighting Nazis in Africa in the middle of the tribe of gun runners.
You will also see a very young Dorothy Dandridge. She is cast as a Muslim native girl married to a young warrior. She does not have much of a speaking role, but.. her emotions show how bad her life is in the village. Wonderful cast ; Joseph Calleia, Harry Carey Sr, Reginald Gardiner, Carl Esmond and George Sanders... Miklos Rozsa's score is perfect for this film. Best Black and White Art Direction (nom) Alexander Golitzen 1941 Academy, Best Black and White Cinematography (nom) Charles B. Lang 1941 Academy and Best Dramatic Score (nom) Miklos Rozsa 1941 Academy.

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